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Educate for Life (EFL) aims to help the tribal Adivasi community in Rajasthan who are often seen as backward, facing bias and suppression. Infant mortality is high; the entire community lives under the poverty line and government services are scarce. 

Grants Awarded to EFL by One Kind Act   

12th July 2021: One Kind Act feel immense gratitude towards our very loyal and supportive Sponsors - Calcott Services for Children – who have recently risen to their call on social responsibility and made very generous donations to Causes we support. One such Cause is Education for Life. Their donation of £5,000 will provide support for their annual teacher training budget of paying for the salaries of teaching staff, providing child learning aids eg Tablets and participating in community engagement. 

26th November 2018: A grant of £10,000 was made to support three important ongoing projects in 2019; their teacher training, the secondary education of some of Hunar Ghar graduates and the school's meals programme. 

24th September 2017: A grant of £9376 was made to support 16 Hunar Ghar students to study further at secondary schools. A further grant of £5805 was made to support the professional development of 27 teachers to teach at Hunar Ghar.  

21st December 2016: A grant of £7500 was made towards the expansion of the kitchen service infrastructure.  The school currently serves both breakfast and lunch to over 400 students, a food service that has increased nine-fold since the kitchen was first designed and built. A grant of £7,500 would help towards the expansion and upgrade of the school's kitchen infrastructure which, by 2021, will enable the school to serve up to 350,000 meals a year.

24th November 2016:  A grant of £6,760 was made to ensure that a class of 25 children are able to attend school for a year. It will cover their school uniform, books, stationery, all their learning resources and a nutritious daily meal. It will enable them to take part in class trips, excursions and workshops as part of our holistic approach to education. All pupils will also receive all their vaccinations and regular health checks. Our funding will also cover their teacher’s salary and their training and professional development.

About One Kind Act

One Kind Act Change Communities and lives of others globally who suffer as a result of Poverty of Health, Nutrition and Education and may have Fallen Through The Net of the larger charities. Learn More here


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