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The Global Foundation for Cardiac and Children’s Services (Global FICCS) provides both medical and educational services to the under-served communities of East Africa. 

Medical initiatives: FICCS provides charity heart surgeries and follow-up care, free health screenings for women & children,  medical equipment, medicine and first aid kits, training symposiums for Kenyan cardiologists & nurses and biomedical engineer training to utilize and maintain donated state-of-the-art equipment. 

Education initiatives: FICCS provides medical school and nursing school scholarships to aspiring Kenyan students, began to lay framework for a cardiology-focused graduate medical education program at local hospitals, supports 7-week job skills training programs and donates uniforms, school supplies, computers and medicines to local elementary schools. 

The Global FICCS Women’s Centre: This is a space for FICCS affiliated programs to educate themselves on topics such as physical education, health topics affecting young women, offers internet access, a classroom, kitchen, work out machinery, speakers, medical evaluations, and meals. This space was created to have a home base for FICCS and a place where the young women in the programs can seek guidance, counselling, and empowerment.

Grants Awarded to Global FICCS by One Kind Act   

September 2019: 

Global FICCS also works with Compassionate Hands with whom their key objective is to support and enable girls, women and underprivileged children from marginalised communities in Kenya through two key focus projects:

1. Supporting a children’s home close to Nairobi (Ruai), whose main focus is providing a home for children with diseases and disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy

2. Supporting a Maasai community in a remote location in Nairobi, by providing schooling, supplies and other necessities, to enable the community to grow, developand become self reliable, & sustainable.

OKA granted £12,500 to Global FICCS towards the construction of a new dormitory at the children’s home.

Current Project: 

To establish a dialysis centre in Makindu Sikh Temple Hospital, Makueni County, Kenya.

Makindu is a small town along the Nairobi Mombasa Highway. With about 4 million of the Kenyan population suffering from chronic kidney disease and only 10% able to access services, a small dialysis unit at the Sikh Temple Makindu Hospital, Makueni County is urgently needed. 

The Centre will start with a 2-bed dialysis unit which consists of 2 haemodialysis machines, 2 patient beds, a reverse osmosis water treatment plant and water storage tanks. The reverse osmosis machine and storage tanks will be adequate for expansion of the unit for up to an additional 6-8 machines. Additional Haemodialysis units and patient beds as the centre gets busier and funding is available. 

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