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The Indian Head Injury Foundation is a charitable NGO working in the area of head injury prevention, rehabilitation of victims of head and spinal injury, training of first responders and education of road users of various categories, so as to prevent traumatic injuries.


Funds would meet towards the enormous need of providing physical and neurological rehab facilities to the under-privileged sections of India's society after suffering life-changing injuries to the brain. 

Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act   4 April 2020

A continuing grant of £21,480 was made to continue providing quality care to the underprivileged users of the Neuro Rehab Centre in Patna at almost no cost to them.     

Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act   21 June 2019

A grant of £905 was made that was raised at a coffee morning held on 1st May (see EVENTS page for details) to purchase a much-needed multi-activities work station for upper extremities exercise.      

Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act   7th February 2019

A further grant of just under £24K has been awarded towards the civil works, building, furniture and fittings of a new Rehab Centre in Patna. It also includes the cost of essential new Rehab Equipment; a Paediatric Walker, a Tilt Table and a Functional Electronic Stimulation Machine.

The work in Patna is in full swing. OKA are HUGELY proud of the fact that the new Rehab Centre in Patna will be entitled with SUPPORTED BY ONE KIND ACT.

IHIF hope to complete the project and perform the inauguration in June 2019 to which OKA have been invited. 

Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act   5th March 2018

A grant of £26,000 was made for the treatment and rehabilitation of up to 30 trauma victims in rehabilitation centres in Jodhpur and Delhi, India together with the provision of up to 50 active wheelchairs to those in need.


Founded in February 2007 by His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur, the Indian Head Injury Foundation was the outcome of a father’s concern for his injured son. After Maharaja Gaj Singh’s son Yuvraj Shivraj Singh suffered a serious head injury during a polo match, the family was subject to countless medical procedures, numerous remedial opinions and many tough decisions. Seeing the state of India’s social and medical response to head injury accidents and brain trauma, the Maharaja started on a mission to build a comprehensive system for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury, and to provide neuro-rehabilitation to the victims of such unfortunate incidents.  

According to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, in India a total of 501, 423 road accidents took place in 2015 and these caused 146, 133 deaths. This is increasing by about 4-5% every year. The analysis of road accident data reveals that about 1,374 accidents and 400 deaths take place every day on Indian roads which further translates into 57 accidents and 17 lives on an average every hour in our country. Out of these, two- Wheelers account for 28.8% (144, 391) of total accidents and 25.9% (34, 057) of fatal accidents. This leaves almost 135, 343 persons injured from two wheeler accidents alone and totally about a million debilitated. This is not the end. This death rate is further increasing and we have the mortality going up by 4% every year.

The work IHIF does is desperately needed with India being the head injury capital of the world. IHIF won the prestigious British Medical Journal Award 2017 in the category of non-communicable diseases for their work in spreading awareness of Head Injury Prevention. Most of these accidents can be avoided if the riders and pillions take proper preventive measures and car passengers use seatbelts. Keeping this in mind, IHIF is actively involved in spreading awareness amongst the youth, i.e. school children. We also regularly sensitize their parents by doing workshops for them and their kids work as catalysts. After the completion of the workshop, we distribute ISI marked specially designed children’s helmets to those kids, whose parents have two-wheelers as the primary source of transportation. Till date, we have distributed 12000 high quality children’s helmets under different CSR projects. We have now vast experience in educating children on the issue of Road Safety and want to further spread the message. This CSR initiative has won many awards for its effectiveness and uniqueness. 

A large number of survivors of such accidents sustain varying degrees of debilitating damage and require long-term rehabilitation treatment. Approximately 200,000 new cases of rehabilitation get added to our existing number every year. However rehabilitation for them is virtually non-existent in most parts of India, and where available, is highly expensive. In several cases, victims of traumatic injuries have to relearn to walk, talk and formulate thought. Even mild TBI leads to symptoms like decreased memory, insomnia, inability to focus, anxiety, mood swings, etc. As rehabilitation is a neglected area in India, it is important to create attention of individuals towards it and make them aware about importance in bringing back victims of Head and Spinal injuries to lead a near normal life.

At present IHIF is running two rehab centres at Delhi and Jodhpur with a significant number of TBI, stroke, CP and other patients. Our aim is to cater to these economically weaker patients, who cannot afford treatment. IHIF has some top of the line & expensive Neuro Rehab Equipment like Hand Arm Therapy System (Pablo), Functional Electrical Stimulator (FES), Combined Multi-frequency Ultrasound and Universal Electrotherapy, Opto GAIT Analyzer, Rifton Walker, Static and Dynamic Balance System, Automated Parallel Bars with Harness to deliver rehab services to the poor and needy.

Another very important part of rehabilitation of paraplegic/quadriplegic patients is mobilization. This is possible only with wheelchairs. There are two types of wheelchairs available, one is normal and another one is active. Normal wheelchairs are used for general mobilization, whereas active wheelchairs are more effective in performing ADL. With the proper training and help of active wheelchairs, physically challenged people can move around and do their activities independently or with minor support. We at IHIF have been donating these wheelchairs to the needy as per the requirement and with the support of donations. 

OKA are proud to support their effective life saving work.

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