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Made With Hope believes every child living in rural Tanzania should have access to a quality education and they are achieving this by collaborating with rural Tanzanian communities to understand their barriers to education and finding solutions together. This includes building classrooms, collecting rain water for good health and bringing light to rural homes.  


Grants would help towards 

1. Building of much needed remaining 3 primary classrooms of a block of 8 classrooms at the CHETI Primary school (see below for further details). 

2. Installation of numerous water tanks at various schools in Arusha to collect rainwater during the November rains (see below for further details).  

Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act    9 October 2020

Made with Hope continue to support the children of rural  Tanzania for better hygiene and education through 3 new projects: 

  • Construct 5 handwashing stations and provide soap for 1,843 children in 5 schools to prevent COVID-19 and hygiene-related diseases which put children at risk and increase absenteeism      
  • Construct 14 girls toilets so they have a safe and private place to use and do not feel the need to stay at home 5 days a month (2 months a year) during their menstruation. 
  • Renovate 2 of Mshikamano Primary classrooms so up to 316 children do not get wet in class during rainy season and have to stop learning.         
OKA are proud to make a grant of £12,595 to support these initiatives.

Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act    20 January 2020

Following on from the grant made in September 2019 of £11,000 to build the foundations of 3 classrooms, a further grant of £12,185 has been made to complete the project by installing the roof, windows and doors, painting of the walls and filling them with desks, ready for the students to use.

Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act    10 September 2019

As a result of funds raised by the Prideview Cricket Challenge Day 2019 and OKA Garden Party 2019, the following grants have been made:  

1) £11,000 to build the foundations of 3 classrooms 

2) £13,280 to build numerous water harvesting tanks




Education empowers disadvantaged children living in rural Arusha, Tanzania. 

In 2002, the Tanzanian government introduced “free primary education for all children”. This policy is an exciting stepping stone in the development of Tanzania, but unfortunately the Tanzanian government has such few resources, all schools became quickly oversubscribed and the education that is taught is often quite low in quality. This never really gives the students a chance to gain the skills they need to go onto secondary education and attain a well-paid job in the future to enable them to escape the vicious cycle of poverty that effects these rural communities.

Made With Hope partner with CHETI, a registered Tanzanian charity, whose mission is to provide education to the poor children that live in their community. CHETI has been running their Primary School for many years and has educated thousands of children through their high-quality curriculum and teaching standards. This is a private school that has a large sponsorship programme and is funded through CHETI’s income generation projects. This enables the school to give these children an education that goes over and beyond the quality of the local government schools. They really believe a “CHETI” education will enable children to make a future for themselves that is free from poverty. 

However, CHETI Primary School is in desperate need of expansion to continue its success and meet the demands of the local community. Made With Hope has funded and constructed 5 more classrooms at this school, however an extra 3 classrooms need to be built which will enable an additional 135 children to be taught to a high level.

Once the children graduate from CHETI Primary School, of which so far there has been a 100% pass rate in government regulated exams, the children will be able to attend CHETI Secondary School which Made With Hope constructed in early 2019.

Giving a Tanzanian child an education means giving them the tools they need to unlock their future.


Education offers a real chance for children to escape the cycle of poverty in rural Arusha, Tanzania

However, rural schools are located in disadvantaged villages that are often so remote, yet still so full of students eager to learn. Made With Hope have visited 5 rural schools in Arusha and have found that they have no regular water supply. The local government often only provide enough water to last 3 days out of each month for a school of up to 600 students.

This means that students have no water to drink, no water to flush the toilet, no water to cook food to eat, no water to wash their hands and no water to clean the school. It is shocking to realise how much water is missing from these rural schools to ensure the students have the water they desperately need. The impact of having no water is a major risk for the students’ health. “We’ve seen excrement wiped on the walls of toilets at these schools because a child has no water to wash their hands after visiting the toilet” Eleanor, Made With Hope Founder.

There are many rural schools in Arusha; however, from their partnership with the local Arusha government and collaboration with CHETI NGO, a Tanzanian charity, MDW have highlighted 4 schools that are the most in need of improved access to water, which in total, are made up of over 1,500 students:

CHETI Primary School

CHETI Secondary School

Maweni Primary School

Mskamono Primary School

“No water means the students cannot flush away their urine after visiting the toilet which has causedsome students to gain urinary tract infections” Head Teacher at Maweni Primary School

The water that local residents and school support staff manage to collect is often groundwater. Unfortunately, not only is this in very short supply due to the arid conditions and clay soils, Arusha is a region that is naturally very high in fluoride with levels of 7.6 mg/L (WHO recommends fluoride levels should be under 1.5 mg/L). High levels of fluoride in primary school-aged children can cause weakening of the teeth and skeletal damage such as osteoarthritis (1, 2). We have visibly seen the effects of these high fluoride levels on the local population's teeth, which encouraged us to investigate further. A recent scientific review found 34 human studies and 100 animal studies linking fluoride to brain damage.

Made With Hope partner with an incredible Tanzanian NGO called CHETI (Children, Health, Education, Team, Inspiration) who are embedded in local rural communities where the vast majority of the population live in extreme poverty. CHETI has supported over 8,000 poor children since 1997 and have aims to support thousands more children in the future. Made With Hope and CHETI have been collaborating since 2013, with a variety of educational and health projects. In 2015, CHETI identified the need to provide water for children in rural disadvantaged communities whilst they’re at school. MWH took on this project and have been supporting this clean water project since it was first identified.

Since 2016, MWH improved the water access to CHETI Primary and Secondary School through purchasing a tractor to transport water from 10km away. However, this was not cost-effective, sustainable and meant we were damaging the environment through releasing greenhouse gases. In 2018, we launched a pilot to tackle these water issues, which involved installing 3 rainwater harvesting systems. We found them to improve the situation drastically; enabling children to drink less high fluoride water and reduce the number of trips to collect groundwater by 70%. Although there are predictable rainy seasons and we are working towards providing solely rainwater for the children to drink, Arusha’s climate dictates that rainwater can only be collected during certain months of the year. Therefore, we intend to continue collecting groundwater during the periods when our rainwater supplies are insufficient for the demand of the children. Eventually, we will seek to have sufficient rain water storage tanks to collect enough water so that 100% of our supply is rainwater.

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