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Millions of children across India do not have access to shelter, education or healthcare, so, how can they have dreams? 

The Big Hug Foundation are working to change this by ensuring every child understands their rights and is given the opportunity to dream. They work with organisations across India to empower underprivileged children through education, giving them a head-start in life and the opportunity to achieve their dreams.


A grant of £12,300 for The Early Intervention Clinic will provide early screening and intervention for infants (ages 0 -2) affected by Cerebral Palsy and other motor-neurone difficulties (expected to benefit 269 users) in Kolkata, India.

Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act   22 December 2018

A grant of £12,300 was made as funding to help The Early Intervention Clinic as above     




Despite a steady improvement in the quality of prenatal care over the last two decades, instances of severe disabilities remain high in newborns throughout India. We work with our local partner, the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy to care for the needs of infants at high risk of cerebral palsy and other motor-neurone diseases. Through the Early Intervention Clinic an early diagnosis is given and offers affected children the best possible care, support and therapy. The clinic offers relief to local hospitals and health centres, providing diagnosis for many at-risk infants, where early intervention is key. 

Many of the families referred to the clinic live in slums, below the poverty line, and without access to basic medical care and treatment. The free support and therapy provided by the Early Intervention Clinic truly is a lifeline to these vulnerable children.

Expected outcome

The service the Early Intervention Clinic provides includes medical assistance, physical and occupational therapy and assistive technology devices. The clinic also provides advice and guidance on home management offering a trans-disciplinary team of therapists, special educators and social workers to affected families.

The Early Intervention Clinic is split into three key areas – all vital in providing the best possible infant care:

Paediatric Clinic: Two paediatricians conduct weekly clinics, performing thorough check-ups through to diagnosis.

Neurology Clinic: Conducted by a neurologist twice a month, more than 100 children are referred for treatment of epilepsy. Anti-convulsion medication is provided free of charge to the children from low income families.

Speech Clinic: A Consultant Speech Therapist and Audiologist conduct this clinic every week. Children are screened for possible hearing difficulties and rehabilitation programmes are advised. All infants below the age of three who attend the Early Intervention Clinic are routinely checked for any hearing abnormalities.

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