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ABLE Charities is an internationally registered non-profit organization that operates in the rural areas of Palwal and slums of Faridabad in India to facilitate education and healthcare for the grossly underprivileged strata of our society. From the time it was founded in 1993, the focus of ABLE Charities in the rural areas has been to serve poor women, especially widows, their children and orphans through affordable medical services. 


1)  ABLE runs an orphanage for up to 100 poor needy girls up to the age of 18 who have been picked by the police as missing or have been handed over to them from government authorities. They require funds to furnish a new shelter for orphan/slum children with beds, mattresses, fridges and furniture.

2) At the orphanage, ABLE seek funds for the running cost of and regular expenses of food, residence, health and education for these girls, which is estimated at approx. £75 per child per month.

3) ABLE has its own multispecialty 100 bed hospital along with fully equipped Eye centre. They seek funds to support cataract operations for up to 2000 poor old people to get their lost vision back and to prevent the onset of blindness due to lack of affordability and unavailabilty of medical services.  The total cost of one cataract surgery is Rs.2500/-(approximately 27 pound). ABLE CHARITIES have target of doing 2000 cataract surgeries in 2018-19.

4) ABLE have embarked upon non-formal Education Project for children living in the slums of Faridabad, India where at least 1500 children in the age group of 6 to 14 years, of which 45% are girls, do not attend school and indulge in rag picking, work related to segregation / recycling of waste, etc.

5) At the hospital where ABLE carry out cataract operations, ABLE have now set up a Dialysis Centre to treat ill-affording patients with fatal kidney failure. Amongst other needs, they require funds to set-up the main RO room and particularly to purchase RO equipment that is vital for dialysis treatment. 

Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act    19 February 2021

In memory of Raj Bhogal’s brother, Belu, Raj and Mona Bhogal have kindly made a very generous donation of £10,000 to fund ABLE's vitally needed RO room and equipment for their Dialysis Centre. The RO room will be named the The Belu Bhogal RO Room.

One Kind Act are proud to have made a grant of £10,000 to ALBE for this work to commence. 


Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act   26 December 2020

A grant of £3,300 was made to fund 2 months of care, food and education for 22 girls currently living at the orphanage ABLE support. This was made as a result of Zoom Wine & Chocolate Appreciation Fundraising Event held in Singapore.  

Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act   25 October 2020

A grant of £10,000 was made to support the Non-formal Education Project for children living in slums in Faridabad. 

Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act   06 November 2018

A grant of £6750 was made to carry out cataract operations for 200 elderly people to regain vision/prevent blindness.

Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act   24th September 2017

A grant of £9000 was made to support 10 girls at the orphanage. 

Update - Grant Provided by One Kind Act   November 2016

A grant of £2000 was made to support orphan/slum children in India.   


Able Trust started out to help vulnerable widows in poverty and their children in Faridabad, India.  From a small room in 1993 it has expanded to include a hospital treating over 4000 patients to date.  They own the only ambulance in the area which is used to bring the sick from neighbouring villages.  They are also involved in educating children in nearby villages. 

They are in the process of completing a much needed orphanage for girls aged 4-14.  Girls in this area are particularly vulnerable to sex trafficking and exploitation.  They hope to shelter and educate up to 100 girls so they can live a life of independence and dignity .

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