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On a rainy afternoon in March, OKA hosted the local OAPs tea party at the home of chairman Shamit and his wife Rena . A group of ladies, aged 80 to almost 100, arrived with gleeful anticipation and healthy enthusiasm. Enjoying the ambience of a warm inviting home, they began to relax, eat, drink and entertain us.

Most of these ladies live alone and have isolated lives. These monthly tea parties are often the only outings they have which they look forward to so much, just the anticipation of the next one brings a reason to live. So many stories and experiences from the past were told. These held us spellbound and they loved having an avid audience.

It was sad to hear their stories of the loneliness of elderly at Christmas. Having nobody to share the festivities with was hard and even though food was provided for the day , they missed human company. 

Accessing groups that the elderly could contact at these times is difficult in an age of social media where the elderly rely on more conventional methods. 

Well done to Roshan and her team for coordinating this tea party group and organising drivers, who are unpaid volunteers, to bring these lovely ladies to the hosts house. 

Can't wait to see these lovely ladies again. 


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