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Welcome to our October 2021 Newsletter

The last year has been an extraordinary one for the world with so many people desperately needing our help. And we have stepped up. In doing so we have crossed the £1 million milestone of money deployed to the deprived, changing thousands of lives around the globe.

There have been several appeals and fundraisers as we kept up with the need of the hour during a tumultuous year.

Aleem, a generous, warm, wonderful affiliate of OKA, husband of associate Reeta, tragically succumbed to Covid too young. An appeal in his memory raised almost £30,000 to educate children in India – a testament to how much he was loved and respected. His spirit lives on though dozens of children given hope and opportunity where they had none. We miss him.

Young couple, Karun and Aditi ran a staggering 100km to raise money to tackle food poverty in UK at a time when so many were struggling to put food on their families’ table.

OKA associate Reeta bravely ran the London Landmarks Half Marathon with Arti Andrade, Rupal Patel, Rajan, Raj, Satta, Taz, Poonam Sethi and Elliot Lyons, whose impressive joint fundraising went towards an incentives-driven project in India to vaccinate rural communities who face vaccine hesitancy.

Additional appeals were made to feed the poor through London Community Kitchen, to send help to India during their terrible Covid wave and to support Afghan refugees.

Alisha Malhotra set up the Bright Start Scholarship Programme, which has surpassed all expectations. So far 59 intelligent, hard- working students from poor backgrounds in India have been identified and will be educated from age 15 through college until they get a job. These are children of rickshaw drivers, daily wage labourers, street cleaners – those on the lowest rung of income and society who cannot afford school fees. For just £1500, a child is lifted out of the circle of lack of education and poverty and given the opportunity to pull up their families and their communities. The impact of this programme simply cannot be underestimated.

Fun Times 🎉

The annual OKA garden party returned with a bang after a Covid break. Tickets sold out almost immediately. Post lockdown euphoria was infectious and in abundance. Guests could not get enough of dancing, mingling, drinking and eating on the sprawling lawns under a summer sky until darkness set in. The generosity surpassed previous years with almost £65,000 raised.

We are proud of our figures 💰

Almost £415,000 was given out this year to wide and varied Causes.

We’ve helped…

  • Build and transform run-down schools in India and Africa by providing:

  1. Upgraded toilet facilities
  2. Smart technology in classrooms
  3. Clean drinking water through rainwater harvesting

  • Provide dialysis treatment to the poor in India

  • Continue support running costs at the Rehab centre for underprivileged victims of brain injury In India

  • Roll-out vaccinations in rural India

  • Procure Cooking Stations for use by children and adults as part of a school Good Nutrition Educational Programme

  • Furnish a garden for vulnerable teens in Slough

  • Educate and nourish the young here in the UK and in rural India

  • Support and fed the village elderly in India

  • Feed those struggling through the pandemic in UK

Our due diligence remains rigorous and meticulous so that every £ brings maximum impact possible. As such we have been able to support so many projects, communities and individuals with your donations.

New Liaisons 😀

As our work expands, we looked to deepen associations with 2 new charity partners to ensure greater efficiency on certain projects.

We raised money for the Covid crisis in India and with The British Asian Trust bought and delivered much-needed Oxygen concentrators as well as supported families of those who had lost their main breadwinner.

Yuva International, an incredible charity recognised by the government of India for its effective, practical solutions to poverty are working with us on many fronts including the Bright Start Scholarship Programme, transforming government schools and making vaccines more accessible in rural areas.

New Sponsor Partners 🤝

On the fundraising front, we have been in a mutual courtship with very different but dynamic companies, which resulted in them becoming our sponsor partners. They were impressed with our integrity, effectiveness and impact. We loved their intention to improve the world, their generosity and their values.

The Prideview Group, a successful, fast-growing property investment consultancy has raised over £100,000 to date for us which has made a worthy impact in the realms of UK food poverty and in education and life-saving medical support to poor children abroad. We look forward to a partnership that grows every year.

Calcot Services for Children, an initiative providing care and education to vulnerable youngsters have been recognised and awarded by Ofsted, families and external agencies for their powerful impact on the young. They have raised money for various projects of ours that provide Covid support and improved education and nutrition to children that span Sri Lanka, India, Africa and UK. We are deeply grateful to have them as our partners.

Pyramid Pharmacy, a successful, family-run group of retail pharmacies owned by the Bhogal family were our earliest sponsors and have formally gone into a partnership with us. As a family, they host our annual flagship event, the OKA Garden Party, which has facilitated fundraising of just under £130,000 to date for One Kind Act. This has enabled building houses in Sierra Leone, feeding the homeless in the UK to sheltering, educating and providing hygiene and clean drinking water to poor children in India and Africa. We are delighted to have their continued commitment through our new partnership.

We are honoured and thrilled to announce our newest sponsor partner, The Brinda Jaykant Shah Foundation. Having arrived penniless from East Africa, the family found success and wealth through their hard work, intelligence and integrity. The nobility and generosity of their ethos meant they always strived to pull others up with them, donating generously to varied causes through the years. Their support for One Kind Act will facilitate the building of a new school in their ancestral village of Mokshi, Gujurat and new constructions at a school in Marurani, Tanzania where they grew up. They aim to leave a legacy of hope, joy, opportunity and betterment to mankind. We feel privileged to be part of their humanitarianism.

Become a Sponsor Partner 👍

If you would like your company to generate a positive social impact and give your business the edge over competitors, consider becoming a Sponsor or a Sponsor Partner. We will market you on our website and social media channels, acknowledge publicly your support at large events, give you priority access to big events and exclusive networking dinners.

As a Sponsor Partner, we will additionally give you a fundraising platform, full logistical support at your fundraisers, comprehensive advice on projects to guide you on where money can be deployed in accordance with your values.

Let’s get together!

For any other information on what One Kind Act do, please visit our website http://www.onekindact.org. If you like what you see, please DONATE.

We offer our sincere thanks for your continued support. ❣️

Kind Regards

One Kind Act Team


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