Sponsors Dinner 2018

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Lahore Kebab restaurant in Harrow was the venue for the third annual sponsors dinner hosted by One Kind Act.  A drinks reception followed by a three-course meal was a resounding success attended by almost seventy guests. 

 Around twenty sponsors mingled with half a dozen causes that had benefitted from their donations.  Feedback indicated it was deeply satisfying for donors to hear first hand how their money was being used effectively to improve lives of the impoverished in UK and around the world.

Speeches from some of the causes highlighted the scale of the suffering in some areas but also the huge difference in bringing happiness and relief the money through One Kind Act had achieved. 

Amar, committee member of One Kind Act spoke comprehensively about the due diligence, the safeguards and the processes in place to raise money and ensure its use to bring maximum, long term impact with no wasteful costs to some of the most destitute.

There was deep appreciation for the transparency of One Kind Act and pledges by all sponsors present to continue their support.


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