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Dear friends and family.

It has been 1 year since my near fatal illness and I now realise how lucky I am to be here and be able to tell you my story. I won’t has been a very tough year. I also know I still have many hurdles to cross and don´t know what my future holds, but I am being positive.

What I do know is that I am fortunate to have had the excellent care from professionals, family and friends. I was told I had less than 50% chance of surviving. However I am here and fighting to get better.

I also now know that there are other people around the word who would not have the means to get any support or care. They may not have the opportunity to tell their story.

I want to do something to help those who have no help, no family, and no roof over their heads, no access to medical help and perhaps very little chance of survival at time of real crisis.

So today, I am requesting you to help me with my appeal to donate monthly to One Kind Act, a charity which I am involved in, our objective is to raise funds and provide help and support, ensuring it all reaches the people and places it needs to, without any unnecessary waste, red tape or delays.

Together we can make a difference, give that person a rightful chance to live, to get better, to smile and to have hope.

Please become a monthly donor today - as little as £5 or £10 per month can make that big difference to someone not as fortunate as us. So please go and donate on the One Kind Act website at

Alisha Malhotra


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