World Feast Fundraiser

Hosted by Saamia Razvi

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Saamia Razvi & Gillian Alexander are delighted to announce the success of their event, World Feast Fundraiser

Post Event Update

22nd May 2018, Saamia Razvi

In celebration of the UN World Day for Cultural Diversity, Hilton HQ held an international bake sale to raise funds for The Real Junk Food Project.

They had a brilliant display of sweet treats including Limoncello Cupcakes, Belgian Chocolate Truffles, Austrian Linzer Torte and Scottish Shortbread Biscuits.

The Real Junk Food Project are on a mission to end food waste and help local communities. The social enterprise is focused on intercepting and rescuing surplus food from supermarkets and helping the local community by distributing these items through a ‘pay as you feel supermarket’, and using them whilst hosting homework clubs for children, and running soup kitchens. 

The Real Junk Food Project helps over 100 families every week at their Community Centre in Burnt Oak, London. 

About One Kind Act

One Kind Act Changes Communities and lives of others globally who suffer as a result of Poverty of Health, Nutrition and Education and may have Fallen Through The Net of the larger charities. Learn More here


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