The Prideview Cricket Cup 2019

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Prideview Group are delighted to announce their forthcoming event, The Prideview Cricketers' Cup 2019.

Post Event Update

26th July 2019


This outstanding amount was raised through amazing dedication and hard work of the Prideview and OKA team at what was, once again, a fabulous fun-filled day of cricket, food, drink and games for the children. 

The money raised will go to three noble Causes OKA support; The Real Junk Food Project (to support a marginalised community of NW London), Ab Jeetega India Foundation (to provide opportunity through sport to the under-privileged in India) and Made with Hope (to provide new schools to the poor in Tanzania). 


Event Details

On SATURDAY 13TH JULY 2019, come and Play, Sponsor or Spectate at commercial property’s biggest cricket tournament – all for a great cause!

About this Event

Registration is now open for the 8th edition of The Prideview Cricket Cup, commercial property’s biggest cricket tournament – which will be taking place the day before the Cricket Cup Final! Please contact or call 0203 113 2140 to register and once you have, please make your donation here. 

Here’s all you need to know about how you can take part…….

Play - £650 per 6-a-side team, which includes lunch, drinks and tea for your players and up to 10 spectators. 

Sponsor - minimum donation of £350 for an A5 advert in the tournament brochure, or £100 for a well-wisher message.

Spectate - Buy a Wristband for £20 for all those aged 12 or over, which includes food and drink throughout the day.

Please MAKE A PLEDGE ON THIS PAGE for the FULL VALUE of your participation:

1. £650 if you’ve mobilised a team together AND/OR 

2. Minimum of £350/100 for Sponsors advert/well-wisher message in the brochure 

And/or BUY YOUR WRISTBANDS FOR £20 for every member of your family and friends coming to support you.

Please be clear to write your name in full when you pledge. 


Last year, this event raised £21,778, and this year's funds will go towards three worthy Causes that One Kind Act support:

1.  THE REAL JUNK FOOD PROJECT LONDON NW (TRJFP)  – Based in Burnt Oak, North London, TRJFP works tirelessly to ensure 1 ton per week of food (which would otherwise have been wasted by businesses) is diverted to over 100 struggling residents via their team of 10 volunteers and 1 van. Food is not just given away - many of their beneficiaries purchase it on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. 

This innovating and sustainable concept is being rolled out all over the UK, and we are proud to be assisting TRJFP with their medium term goal to establish a renovated Community Kitchen with increased storage capacity at a facility provided by the International Gospel Church (non faith based)

2.  AB JEETEGA INDIA FOUNDATION  – Grass root level sport in India is fractured and segmented on the shameful bias of socio-economic, caste, religion and gender status. And even though the population is among the world’s youngest and has the innate potential and talent, opportunity is not always available to those who are deserving!

Ab Jeetega India offers underprivileged athletes a high quality, equal and transparent sporting platform to make their sporting dreams come true and give them experiences which will give them the skills to succeed in life outside of sport too. 

3.  MADE WITH HOPE, TANZANIA – Made With Hope’s mission is to provide education to the poor children that live in rural communities around Arusha in Tanzania. Their current project is to support CHETI Primary School & Girls Boarding House, a private school that has been providing high-quality education to the community for many years. 

The school is in desperate need of expansion. Made With Hope has already funded and constructed 5 more classrooms at this school, however an extra 3 classrooms need to be built costing £23,185 which will enable an additional 135 children to be taught to a high level.


About One Kind Act

One Kind Act Changes Communities and lives of others globally who suffer as a result of Poverty of Health, Nutrition and Education and may have Fallen Through The Net of the larger charities. Learn More here


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