Hunger Appeal 2022

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One Kind Act announce our Hunger Appeal 2022:

As the seasons change, some still have very little to look forward to. They will still need to provide for their families under difficult circumstances and with escalating food costs as well as energy costs, some will continue to experience abject food poverty. 

One Kind Act work alongside 3 very noble causes who are dealing with food deprivation issues in London. 

London’s Community Kitchen (LCK) based in Harrow are working across several London Boroughs. They tackle food deprivation using an ethos of zero waste and zero hunger.  

NishkamSWAT is a charitable organisation based in West London that work to help the most financially disadvantaged communities to improve their prospects. 

Organising Food For London (OFFL) work at eliminating homelessness and empowering the vulnerable. 

It is now even more important that we create an appeal that helps the work of these three charities. 

Please support them with their vital work. No amount is too little to donate. 

Thank you. 

About One Kind Act

One Kind Act Changes Communities and lives of others globally who suffer as a result of Poverty of Health, Nutrition and Education and may have Fallen Through The Net of the larger charities. Learn More here


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Recent Pledges

  • Rita Gulrajani

    " Ascot-LCK "
  • Sukhneel

    " This is a donation for the London Kitchen that continues to do excellent work. "
  • Mrs. Sukhneel Goel

    " This donation is for the charitable work carried out by the London Kitchen. "
  • Usha Bhagat

    " We would like to give £151 to SWAT and £150 to OOFL please, keep up the amazing work you do! "