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One Kind Act are delighted to announce our new Sponsor Partnership with FCI London:


FCI London is one of the largest luxury furniture and interiors brands in the UK. We are an independently owned family business with deep roots in furniture design, manufacturing and interiors. We sell exclusive, luxury pieces from the world's most respected brands and we also offer a comprehensive interior design service with a team of highly skilled designers.

FCI's CEO, Firdaus Nagree, is a serial entrepreneur who has been actively involved as an executive, board member or investor in a variety of business sectors. He is also an angel investor and philanthropist.

FCI's purpose is to create positive, transformative spaces. From luxury houses in London to schools in need that we support in India, we work to bring genuine happiness into people's spaces, creating a community of like-minded people who we hope will then pay it forward.


At FCI, we understand that we need to be more than a successful brand. It is our responsibility to use our platform and our profits to give back and invest in the future of our planet in a way that is honest and authentic. Firdaus is personally involved with two NGOs that we support through the company, Yuva Unstoppable and WeForest. 

A share of all our annual profits goes to Yuva Unstoppable, a charity founded in India in 2005 to transform the lives of less privileged children by feeding and educating them. They focus on upgrading basic infrastructure facilities in schools and providing access to modern means of teaching-learning, as well as ensuring that kids are fed so they are able to learn effectively. 
WeForest is a movement of responsible companies, large and small, with a mission to conserve and restore the ecological integrity of forests and landscapes in order to stop global warming in our lifetime. We help by funding the planting of trees every month. 

What Firdaus says…

 "I’ve been gifted an exceptional life by God or the universe or whatever you want to call it. The way I see it, that gift comes with responsibilities. When I give back, I feel good, I feel productive, I feel I am at my most valuable. There’s a personal serotonin hit, of course. But there’s also this sense of being part of a greater purpose. 

My philanthropy focus is on India for a number of reasons.  Developing countries need more help because of the lack of infrastructure and mechanisms available to their people. People are poorer and many live hand-to-mouth, usually because of the way the country is run and the lack of basic government care. I was also born in India and I feel a very strong pull towards my roots. I’m also focused on kids because they are completely innocent and have no power over what happens to them. We can give them at least some of that power back through education. It doesn’t balance the books when you compare their situation to those of kids in better circumstances, but you have to start somewhere. 

This is what Yuva does and why I’ve been supporting them for so long. They operate at 95% efficiency, as audited by two of the biggest auditing houses in the world. Their founder and many of their staff work for free. When I give my time and money to them, I know that 95% of it is going to the people who need it rather than on admin costs. That’s the biggest impact I can have, and so that’s what I look for when I decide which charities to support. I look forward to making a difference with One Kind Act."

FCI London have to date donated £23,500 to One Kind Act for the School Transformation project run by Yuva Unstoppable.

About One Kind Act

One Kind Act Changes Communities and lives of others globally who suffer as a result of Poverty of Health, Nutrition and Education and may have Fallen Through The Net of the larger charities. Learn More here


Shamit Malhotra
Mar 09, 2022

It gives us great pleasure to have Firdaus and the FCI team partner with one Kind Act. Firdaus has the ethos of always wanting to help those in most need,

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