Neena's Butter Chicken For OKA Charity

Hosted by Neena Koshal

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Neena Koshal is delighted to announce her forthcoming event, Neena’s Butter Chicken for OKA Charity:

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23 June 2015, Neena Koshal

I couldn't believe the response, it was absolutely amazing! Within 5 days, I had over 125 orders of butter chicken, and had to say "next time" to just as many friends/family!

Butter chicken day was Friday 22nd June, and there was a lot of Indian spices to roast and grind before actually cooking. My biggest headache was where was I going to store 65lbs of chicken......20 pints of cream......10 packets of my neighbours’ fridges came into action. On the day itself, cooking started at 6am, and I finished all the cooking, cooling down, packing etc by 3pm, loaded up the car and started on my deliveries, and finally got home at 7pm. And there was not enough butter chicken left for dinner, so we ended up eating good old fish and chips!

Total raised for One Kind Act was £685

Thank you all so much.


Event Details

I developed my love for cooking from my mother and my sister, both of whom loved to cook dishes from all over the world. So when I had my children, and was a bored mum at home, I set up a business, using my culinary skills, with my sister in law. We provided fresh home-made Indian food every Friday, to parents at my children's school. Our signature dish was the butter chicken.

So after looking for a possible idea to raise funds for One Kind Act, I have decided to offer to cook butter chicken, after an absence of 8 years, to the same parents and extended the offer to family and friends.

So here goes…..

About One Kind Act

One Kind Act Changes Communities and lives of others globally who suffer as a result of Poverty of Health, Nutrition and Education and may have Fallen Through The Net of the larger charities. Learn More here


Shamit Malhotra
Sep 28, 2015

This was an amzing effort and I understand there are people queing for the next batch !

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