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Karun Soni is delighted to announce the success of his fundraising event 'Beer n Bangers' afternoon in aid of SHEROES.

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3rd July 2018

On a not so sunny day in June,  a wonderful youth event, organised by associate Karun Soni, took place. It was raising funds for an amazing cause, the Sheroes. These girls,,survivors of acid attacks  caught his attention on his recent trip to Agra.

Amongst the beautiful wonder that is the Taj Mahal stood the Sheroes hangout - a 'pay as you feel' cafe run by these real life ‘heroes ‘.
As each girl's experiences unfolded, it became clear that this was a story that needed to be told and that they were definitely another wonder in Agra.

Empowering these woman with financial stability is important and the money raised, a total of £1500, will now go towards their Cause. 

Thank you for all those that supported in so many ways showing we can all do something to help. 
Please do support them. 
To find out more visit:
Karun Soni

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