Amin's Crazy Bike Ride

Hosted by Amin Karimi

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Amin Karimi is delighted to announce his forthcoming event, Amin's Crazy Bike Ride 2018.

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17th July 2018

Hi Everyone,
I still can’t believe that I’ve cycled more than 1,300km across 4 countries in 11 days.

When I gingerly announced my cycle ride, some said that I am crazy, some said it is too ambitious and some simply asked ‘why?’ with an amazed look on their faces. However, majority of my friends and people around me appreciated and supported my decision.

I was moved when I heard about Light in Africa and their contribution to the society and helping children in need. After a few conversation with Mama Lynn, I was informed that there are two girls in desperate need of funds to go to university and study to become a teacher and a social worker. From that point there was nothing in the world stopping me to try to raise funds for them. I come from a country where the education system is virtually destroyed by successive wars and the quality is substandard in comparison to most of the neighbouring countries and the rest of the world. Even that is not accessible to most of the students at a university level. This is due to far less number of available seats in government universities comparing to newly graduates and awaiting graduates from previous years or high cost of private universities. I was lucky enough to have always been studying in one form or the other, thus I appreciate and admire those perusing it.

By the way, speaking of stopping me, there were a few nights when I was all soaking wet and cold and had no extra clothes, I had doubts if I want to carry on or stop the ride. But the only things kept me going was everyone’s support and specially the thoughts of the end goal that could make a big difference in people’s lives.

I say THANK YOU, thank you very much for your overwhelming generosity that enabled 2 girls to go to university and learn what they love. I have received an email of confirmation that the girls were able to enrol into their schools and soon to start classes which is a result of your love and it wouldn’t be possible without it. You have made a real difference in the lives of these kids with your gifts and it will go a long way. I can never thank each and every one enough who was a part of my cycle ride for their love and support.

P.S. Rain and headwind aren’t friend to a cyclist.


Event Details

I was introduced to Light in Africa (LIA) last year and was moved with the cause. LIA was established in 2000 by Lynn Elliot from the UK and most call her Mama Lynn by affection for her love and dedication to children.

LIA provides care for the children who are homeless or who are impacted by HIV/AIDs. LIA provides quality education, vocational training and nurturing love. 

I was informed very recently that LIA needs around £2,500 to help 2 of the girls who live in the orphanage to enroll into higher education. Celina wants to enroll into Teacher Training and become a teacher and Beatrice wants to become a Social Worker. Both the girls are very bright and compassionate. They're anxiously waiting for the funds to do what they love most and dream of every day.

Thus, I have decided to ride my bicycle from Hamburg, Germany to Bergen, Norway over 13 days from 09/06/2018 to 25/06/2018 (dates include breaks) to raise fund for Light in Africa.

I beg every single one of you to contribute towards the cause and become part of their futures and make their dreams come true as every child deserves access to education. Your generosity will go a long way and it is literally making 2 dreams come true.

Please help me riase funds for Light in Africa through One Kind Act (OKA) and every single penny raised will go to LIA.

My sincere gratitude to OKA team who have been very supportive and passionate about this cause. OKA has been helping LIA with their needs on continuous basis throughout the years. 



About One Kind Act

One Kind Act Changes Communities and lives of others globally who suffer as a result of Poverty of Health, Nutrition and Education and may have Fallen Through The Net of the larger charities. Learn More here


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