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One Kind Act announce their Afghan Refugees in UK Appeal:  

After more than twenty years of conflict and attempts at nation building, the US and allied forces are in the end game of withdrawing from Afghanistan. The speedy retreat has resulted in regime change and the unintended consequences of continued suffering for civilians. Fear and desperation is seen in the media and like on so many occasions around the world, it is women, children and the ordinary citizens who bear the brunt.

United Kingdom is trying to take in as many Afghan refugees as possible, as they have always done in the past from other conflict areas. Those arriving will most likely be young and vulnerable. They may have limited resources or family connections to support them. Food, shelter and clothing will be the basic immediate needs. 

One Kind Act will extend its hand of friendship to those in most need, working with our credible charity partners. Any of our supporters who wish to help us to help these unfortunate people, please donate to OKA as your act of kindness.

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One Kind Act Changes Communities and lives of others globally who suffer as a result of Poverty of Health, Nutrition and Education and may have Fallen Through The Net of the larger charities. Learn More here


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  • Zahra
  • Neera Soni
  • Kamla Mehta

    " Wishing the people of Afghanistan a safe happy life "
  • Amit Chohdha

    " For those families displaced in tragic circumstances. "
  • Shamit Malhotra

    " A little help to those in greater need "