The difference One Kind Act makes with your Legacy

  • Mission - By raising funds to support suitable charities, One Kind Act seeks to create sustainable improvements in the lives of people suffering from poverty of health and education around the world.

  • Record - Since 2014, One Kind Act has raised and donated over £1.4m for a multitude of stringently vetted causes around the world to aid communities becoming self-sufficient.

  • Unique - One Kind Act is a ‘charity of charities’: it distributes raised funds by providing grants to other charities or organisations who require financial aid for specific projects.

  • Efficient - One Kind Act ensures that the Maximum Donation amount reaches the end cause by Minimising Overheads through use of dedicated Volunteers.

  • Impact - So far One Kind Act has improved thousands of lives around the world – by building houses, building or repairing water wells, new classrooms, better sanitation, supporting teachers, scholarship for further education for disadvantaged children and many more other impactful initiatives.

  • The gift of your legacy will be more than just an act of kindness – it will enable others to improve their lives and in turn, they will grow to leave their own legacies