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One Kind Act are delighted to announce our new collaboration with The British Asian Trust.


One Kind Act are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with The British Asian Trust to broaden our reach to those impacted with the many challenges of COVID-19 crisis and to raise funds for South Asia. 

Coronavirus has changed all our lives. Yet across South Asia, it is turning them upside down. The lockdown in India has seen mass migration from the cities to villages. Pakistan’s healthcare system is creaking under the pressure. Bangladesh’s densely populated urban areas and refugee camps are a hotbed for the virus. Sri Lankans are facing yet another threat to their way of life. With many relying on daily income from jobs that now don’t exist, families are in a fight for survival; not knowing where their next meal will come from, caring for elderly and sick family members and trying to keep their children safe.

The British Asian community is at the forefront of dealing with the challenge in the UK – doctors, nurses, key workers and community support – and now we can stand together with our friends and family in South Asia like never before, to ensure that families receive the food, medicine and critical essentials they urgently need to help them survive. 

With more than 13 years’ experience of being a trusted partner between the British Asian community and supporting great projects in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the British Asian Trust is uniquely placed to run an Emergency Appeal in these countries as part of their response to Coronavirus. They have worked with existing programme partners in this region to adapt their work for emergency response; and thereby, have identified immediate needs and recruited a number of new trusted partners to ensure the most vulnerable people can be reached and to ensure that donations have the maximum impact. The initial support will be provided in the form of cash transfers, food packages, medical equipment including PPE, testing kits and hygiene products, and helpline support. For further information on the work of the British Asian Trust, please visit their website  

Likewise, as part of their response, One Kind Act have partnered up with causes in Asia as well as  UK front line charities to provide them with funds and on-the-ground support for the invaluable work they are carrying out in support of the vulnerable and homeless.  For further information on how One Kind Act has responded to Covid-19, please visit on this website 

As needs change and develop, the British Asian Trust and One Kind Act will be adaptable and responsive to changing circumstances. We will each consider supporting COVID-related initiatives in each of our respective funding programmes. For BAT this will include increasing the British Asian Trust’s digital mental health programme in Pakistan, or issues such as online child exploitation in their child protection work in India; as well as initiatives such as linking international volunteers to local NGOs. One Kind Act will continue to fund causes that have immediate impacts on health and education. 

Tens of millions of families across South Asia are facing life or death situations because of COVID-19. 
By acting now, we can stop a crisis from becoming a catastrophe. 
Please donate on this Charity Partner page to make a difference to the lives of these desperate people in need.   

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