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Made With Hope believes every child living in rural Tanzania should have access to a quality education and they are achieving this by collaborating with rural Tanzanian communities to understand their barriers to education and finding solutions together. This includes building classrooms, collecting rain water for good health and bringing light to rural homes.  

Grants Awarded to MwH by One Kind Act   

21 September 2021: One Kind Act feel immense gratitude towards a generous donor that has allowed us to make a grant of £21,237 towards the next phase of rain water harvesting and instalment of new classrooms and a girls toilet block at a school in rural Tanzania. 

19 July 2021: One Kind Act feel immense gratitude towards our very loyal and supportive Sponsors - Calcott Services for Children – who have recently risen to their call on social responsibility and made very generous donations to Causes we support. One such Cause is Made with Hope. Their donation of £5,000 will increase water accessibility to 629 students in Tanzanian schools through rainwater harvesting as part of their Mzmuni Water Project.

9 October 2020: A grant of £12,595 to support the children of rural Tanzania for better hygiene and education through 3 new projects: 

  1. Construct 5 handwashing stations and provide soap for 1,843 children in 5 schools to prevent COVID-19 and hygiene-related diseases which put children at risk and increase absenteeism      
  2. Construct 14 girls toilets so they have a safe and private place to use and do not feel the need to stay at home 5 days a month (2 months a year) during their menstruation. 
  3. Renovate 2 of Mshikamano Primary classrooms so up to 316 children do not get wet in class during rainy season and have to stop learning.         

20 January 2020: Following on from the grant made in September 2019 of £11,000 to build the foundations of 3 classrooms, a further grant of £12,185 has been made to complete the project by installing the roof, windows and doors, painting of the walls and filling them with desks, ready for the students to use.

10 September 2019: As a result of funds raised by the Prideview Cricket Challenge Day 2019 and OKA Garden Party 2019, the following grants have been made:  

·         £11,000 to build the foundations of 3 classrooms 

·         £13,280 to build numerous water harvesting tanks



About One Kind Act

One Kind Act Change Communities and lives of others globally who suffer as a result of Poverty of Health, Nutrition and Education and may have Fallen Through The Net of the larger charities. Learn More here


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